Freestanding Store Fixtures

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Freestanding Fixtures
Freestanding Fixtures

With our creativity in design and engineering combined with an emphasis on quality manufacturing, Aero Industries fabricates custom freestanding aluminum fixtures for businesses throughout the region and worldwide. From simple aluminum frames to fully featured kiosks, we provide custom store fixtures that fit within your space and align with your design and promotional goals.

We manufactured the examples highlighted here for a number of our loyal customers. Projects range from prototype development to the production of thousands of units for roll outs. With our full range of fabrication capabilities, we cut, mill, drill, bend, finish, pre-assemble and pack components to simplify on-site installation.

With store fixtures, appearance and durability count. In addition to the colorful powder coating finishes, we supply many other types, including high-end polished gold anodizing, brushed stainless anodizing, and many others. When raw materials are anodized and polished prior to fabrication, we implement proactive measures to ensure the lengths remain clean and scratch-free.

Our facility houses technically advanced equipment, and our expert fabrication team pays attention to every detail to produce exceptionally accurate parts. For fixtures that incorporate bent and curved design elements, tight-tolerance fabrication ensures that the individual pieces align exactly together to facilitate assembly and provide a professional, high-quality appearance. Sturdily constructed, these freestanding store fixtures undergo numerous quality checks to ensure they conform to specifications. We ship prototypes and small orders in as little as a week, while full rollouts are typically accomplished within a three to six-week fabrication timeframe.

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Freestanding Store Fixture Specifications

Project Name & Description
Freestanding store fixtures
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Cut, mill, drill, countersink, bend assemble, pack
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Auto saw, double headed miter saw, cnc mill, bender, drill presses
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Material Finish
Varies, polished gold anodizing, etch clear anodizing, brushed stainless anodizing, powder coating in any color
Industry for Use
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Calipers / Vernier
Prototype to 1000's
Delivery / Turnaround Time
1-2 weeks typical
3-6 weeks for rollout quantities
Delivery Location
Greater Toronto Area and Worldwide