Precision CNC Machining for Medical Device Industry

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Medical Device Industry
Medical Device Industry

At Aero Industries, we precision machined the housings shown here for use in a medical lift device. We worked in collaboration with the extruder to develop a solution that accommodated the manufacturer's very tight tolerance and visual requirements. During the initial phases of this project, we all pooled our resources though an extensive revision process to finalize each detail and ensure all requirements were met.

Leveraging our 4-axis machining capabilities, we developed a process that accomplished a range of cutting strategies from one set up. Since the extrusions were large and had a challenging geometry, we proceeded to design and build a customized tooling and fixturing solution. In addition to securely holding the workpiece, the custom fixtures and tooling accounted for minute variations in the extrusion geometry while still allowing us to consistently achieve close dimensional tolerances of ±.004".

We inspected all of the incoming material to ensure that only conforming parts were fed into the machining cycle. Primary machining operations took place on our vertical mill. By effectively holding and orienting the workpiece and cutting tools, we were able to form the features while creating a blemish-free mill finish. We accomplished this at very rapid cycle times in order to meet project deadlines. Quality assurance consisted of go/no-go gauging as well as dimensional measurement using Vernier-scale tools.

The combination of precision machinery and our technically skilled manufacturing team enabled us to satisfactorily produce housings that were dimensionally accurate with a superior visual appearance. We continue to manufacture them at a rate of 12,000 to 15,000 units/year and turn around orders in two weeks. These quality housings contribute to the safe operation of equipment that supports the important task of transporting disabled and elderly members of the population.

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Medical Devices Project Highlights

Project / Product Name
Medical lift
Project / Product Description
Medical lift housings
Lift for disabled, incapacitated or elderly people
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Primary: 4th axis machining
Secondary: Fixturing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Vertical CNC Mill
Overall Part Dimensions
44.0966" / 1120.00mm
Tightest Tolerances
+/-/10mm or .004"
Material Used
Material Finish
Mill finish, free of blemishes
In process testing / inspection performed
Vernier, Purpose built go-no / go gauges
Industry for Use
Medical / Rehabilitation / Geriatrics
12000-15000 sets / yr
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 weeks / order
Delivery Location
Ontario, Canada
Standards Met
Customer Requirements

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