Wall Mounted Stretch Frame

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Wall Mounted Stretch Frame
Wall Mounted Stretch Frame

At Aero Industries, we provide wall-mounted stretch frames on an ongoing basis to retail and signage clients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. With our reputation for quality and our ability to provide exceptionally large frames with fast turnaround, we are their primary supplier for these products.

We can manufacture stretch frames in almost any size. They are an ideal way to display crease-free banners and other types of graphic elements in venues such as arenas, convention centers, trade show floors, and even on the sides of buildings. One of the unique custom frames we fabricated is highlighted here. In addition to a  34.0' x 7.0' rectangular stretch frame, it incorporates 8.0' diameter hoop frames into a complete frame assembly. As part of the project, we also designed and fabricated a one-of-a-kind bracket to securely attach the hoops to the main frame.

Using our extensive inventory of production equipment, we cut, drilled, milled, and bent the circular aluminum sections. Our technicians took accurate measurements at every stage of the process to ensure all components fit together properly and that all of the elements of the hoop frames aligned correctly during installation. Constructed from aluminum, this frame assembly features an etch clear anodized finish.

The client is very impressed with the quality of our workmanship and our commitment to providing on-time delivery. We manufacture these wall mounted stretch frames on an ongoing basis and also supply them with many other products. For more information about these products or our fabrication capabilities, contact us today.

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Wall Mounted Stretch Frame Specifications

Project Name & Description
Wall mounted stretch frames
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Cut, drill, mill, countersink, bend, assemble packing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Auto saw, CNC mill, drill presses
Overall Part Dimensions
34' x 7' + 8' diameter hoop
Tightest Tolerances
± .010"
Material Used
Material Finish
Etch clear anodizing
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Caliper / Vernier
10 – 50 per order - Ongoing
Delivery / Turnaround Time
1-2 weeks
Delivery Location
Greater Toronto Area